My name is Andréa, I am 21 years old and I am a fashion designer. 2 years ago. I founded ANDRÉA C, an ECO brand responsible for LUXURY clothing. At the crossroads of chic and streetwear, elegance and modernity, my creations can be found in the wardrobes of women and men. I work with Parisian workshops which carefully produce my hand-sewn pieces in limited quantities. I choose high-end materials from French companies. I have my signature accessories custom made in France. At the same time, I remain concerned about my ecological, social and environmental impact. I use LWG leathers and skins, a production certification that respects the environment and animal welfare. I favor GOTS certified suppliers, a standard which guarantees that textiles made from organic fibers are made in a socially responsible and respectful of the environment.ECO LUXURY, the inspiration of ANDRÉA C.